Unlock Your Business Potential with Tailored Funding Solutions

Fusion Funding offers the perfect funding solutions tailored to your business. Whether you require working capital, equipment financing, or a merchant cash advance, we have you covered. Our expertise in providing flexible and accessible funding options ensures that your business receives the financial support it needs to succeed. Trust Fusion Funding to deliver the right funding solution that aligns with your specific business goals and requirements.

3 Easy Step Illustrations

We Can Help Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Apply Online

Our online application process takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing us to get to work instantly on getting you the funding your business needs. Simply fill out the appropriate form, and we’ll take care of the rest in record time.

Step 2 – Get Approved

We won’t make you wait several business days for approval. Once we’ve received your application, our team moves at lightning speed to get you approved so that you can receive your funding immediately.

Step 3 – Receive Your Funding

Once your application has been processed, we’ll release your funding advance so that you can take care of business, and get things back on track. Don’t hesitate – apply today!

Eligibility Requirements

We want to make business funding as easy as possible. Our fast, online application process, same day decisions, competitive rates, and flexible terms make it happen.

What do we require?

  • 1 year trading as a business
  • 500+ FICO Score
  • 250k in annual revenue
  • Business bank account
  • A US-based business
  • US citizen
Eligibility Requirements

Flexible, No Collateral Required

Apply for funding up to $5M+

Up to 18 months for terms

Daily, weekly and bi-weekly payments available

Our Products

Our Products

Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance provides upfront funds to businesses in exchange for a percentage of future sales. It’s a flexible option for immediate expenses, growth investments, inventory purchases, and cash flow management, without collateral or a lengthy approval process.

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Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit offers a predetermined amount of funds for flexible borrowing. It helps manage expenses, cash flow, growth opportunities, unexpected costs, and short-term projects, providing businesses with essential flexibility and capital access.

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Asset Based Financing

Asset-based financing uses a company’s assets (e.g., accounts receivable, inventory, equipment) as collateral for obtaining a loan or line of credit. It helps businesses secure working capital, fund expansion, manage cash flow, and restructure debt by leveraging asset value for necessary funds.

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Equipment Based Financing

Equipment-based financing allows businesses to obtain funds for acquiring or leasing essential equipment, without significant upfront costs. It enables access to capital for machinery, vehicles, technology, and equipment upgrades or replacements, preserving cash flow and supporting efficient operations.

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Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is a flexible funding option that allows businesses to fulfill large orders even without sufficient capital. By leveraging their purchase orders as collateral, companies can access the necessary funds to meet customer demand and grow their operations.

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Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a valuable financial solution for businesses looking to improve cash flow. By selling their unpaid invoices to a factoring company, companies can receive immediate funds, allowing them to cover expenses, invest in growth, and focus on their core operations.

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ERC Financing

Equipment Refinance Consolidation lets businesses unlock the value of their existing assets. By refinancing equipment, companies can access capital for expansion, debt consolidation and other needs, while retaining the use of their essential equipment.

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