Purchase Order Financing bridges the gap between your suppliers and customers

If your company is a distributor relying on a supplier network, you can use Purchase Order Financing to allow a lender to step in and temporarily pay for needed materials, keeping your sales healthy in the process.

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What is Purchase Order Financing?

Distributor companies may sometimes run into difficulties if cash is tight, or if customers submit POs for particular large orders.

Purchase Order Financing puts the lender in the middle where they pay necessary costs to the supplier. Once the product has been delivered to the customer and payment has been made, the lender is subsequently repaid. It’s the perfect solution for abnormally large or complex orders.

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We want to make business funding as easy as possible. Our fast, online application process, same day decisions, competitive rates, and flexible terms make it happen.

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  • 1 year trading as a business
  • 500+ FICO Score
  • 250k in annual revenue
  • Business bank account
  • A US-based business
  • US citizen
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