Invoice Factoring can help you clean up outstanding customer invoices

Unpaid customer invoices don’t have to pile up. You can leverage them via Invoice Factoring in order to generate immediate cash for short-term financing needs, while cleaning up your backlog at the same time.

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Solve Two Problems At Once

Use your outstanding customer invoices as a quick injection of funding for short-term needs.

Receive a portion of your uncollected payments upfront; the remainder paid in 30-90 days.

Perfect for sudden injection of working capital for many different business needs.

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What is Invoice Factoring?

Imagine being able to access working capital immediately by foregoing the bank, and tapping into your outstanding invoices instead.

Fusion Funding will purchase your outstanding invoices and pay you a portion of the amount upfront, with full payment within 30-90 days. It’s the perfect alternative to seeking a costly and time-consuming business or bank loan.

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What do we require?

We want to make business funding as easy as possible. Our fast, online application process, same day decisions, competitive rates, and flexible terms make it happen.

What do we require?

  • 1 year trading as a business
  • 500+ FICO Score
  • 250k in annual revenue
  • Business bank account
  • A US-based business
  • US citizen
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