Asset Based Financing changes the lending game forever

While most business loan and financing operations are centered around credit score and history, asset-based financing uses your company’s very own revenue, inventory, equipment or real estate as collateral, so you can always leverage your assets at any time to achieve your desired financial goals.

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Flexible, Based On Your Own Collateral

Avoid the hassles of credit checks altogether, and get your money faster.

Leverage your own internal assets to get the funding you require, whenever you need it.

Perfect as short-term working capital solutions for day-to-day operations, like payroll.

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What is Asset-Based Financing?

Your company’s own internal assets, such as accounts receivable, machinery & equipment, inventory or real estate can be used as collateral in order to secure working capital and term loans for day-to-day operations.

This scenario is ideally suited for companies who need to deal with expenses during temporary gaps or time lags in the cash flow cycle, but it may also be used for startups, financing growth, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

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What do we require?

We want to make business funding as easy as possible. Our fast, online application process, same day decisions, competitive rates, and flexible terms make it happen.

What do we require?

  • 1 year trading as a business
  • 500+ FICO Score
  • 250k in annual revenue
  • Business bank account
  • A US-based business
  • US citizen
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